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Tips for Budget Wine Tours

An excursion into wine country can be a fascinating journey for almost anyone; however, sometimes the price can be prohibitive. Instead of breaking the bank to enjoy wine tours, find effective ways to trim the budget and save money.

Visit in the Off-Season

The most expensive time to take wine tours is during the heart of the growing season. This is the time when most tourists schedule their vacations, and the vineyard areas become active with hustle and bustle. By scheduling a visit during the off-season, you will likely find reduced prices and lighter crowds. This could even enable you to book accommodations in a hotel that you would not otherwise be able to afford, or schedule tours that would usually be booked.

Book Out of the Immediate Area

Hotel accommodations can be expensive for tourists staying in the heart of wine country. To save money, consider expanding your circle and staying out of the immediate area. It is likely that you will find appealing hotels at a much cheaper price if you are willing to drive a little more each day. You might even find interesting cities with quaint historic districts when you search for less expensive hotels a little further away from the heart of wine country.

Choose Restaurants Carefully

Restaurants in wine country tend to be upscale and expensive. While this might be conducive to one or two memorable evenings, the high prices can put a dent in a budget rather quickly. To spread out the funds and make the vacation affordable, choose restaurants carefully. Try exploring farmer's markets for delicious and unexpected foods. Depending on your accommodations, you might even be able to purchase groceries to take back to your hotel to prepare. Casual sandwich shops might also be the ideal place to refuel at reduced costs. Ask locals for recommendations because they often know the best places to get a good meal at lower prices.

Find Budget Wine Tours

While many vineyards require guests to buy tickets or pay for tours, it's still possible to find activities at reduced prices or even free of charge. Explore the area to find these budget destinations that offer free tasting opportunities and free tours. The larger vineyards are often the most expensive places to visit, so focus on smaller farms that might have cheaper prices. Inquire to see if any tasting cards are available that would allow you to use one purchased card for tasting at a variety of destinations. Many people find these cards helpful for a budget vacation. Some areas also offer couple's tasting cards that offer two tastings for the price of one. Also be sure to ask about any deals that give visitors free tasting with the purchase of a bottle of wine.

By slowing down and focusing on the experience, you will likely enjoy the excursion more and spend less money in the end.

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