Proper Knives

When I first decided that I enjoyed cooking and wanted to branch out of prepackaged processed foods, I dreaded having to put all the labor into cutting up the necessary ingredients. My first cooking class that I took at Sur La Table introduced me to WÜSTHOF knives. Immediately after the class, I took my discount card that was my award for completing the class and requested an associate show me where to get those knives. Not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, I ended up buying a small five piece knife set, plus one. The associate insisted I get the 5" Santouku, Hollow Edge knife, she said she also owned that knife and used no others. It was the best multipurpose knife she owned. Nearly 10 years later, I still have every one of those knives. I use that 5" Hollow Edge knife, near daily. I enjoy chopping up fruits and vegetables, not having to fight with the knife to slice through the material, just smooth, quick, with perfect control. I like it so much that I find chopping up ingredients to be calming and therapeutic after a hectic day at work. Every person that comes over and cooks with me comments on that knife. Small investment, but I could not imagine my kitchen without it!
The other knife in the set that I use frequently is the large serrated knife. Not only for cutting bread! Perfect for cutting tomatoes, apples, grapefruit, oranges, anything juicy! Those two knives are the must haves. Quite honestly I could easily live without the remaining knives in the set.


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