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How to Host A Bake Sale

Photo by: Gaelle Marcel

Hosting a bake sale is an ancient tradition for raising money for a great cause and even today, it is a great way to build up your donations.


Because people love food!

And they are always willing to pay extra for a good cause... especially when baked treats are involved!

But, in order to host a bake sale that really brings in the money, you need to put in some planning time at the beginning.

You can't just set up a table with cookies and call it good or you just won't raise the kind of money you need!

A LOT goes into hosting a profitable bake sale.

You have to entice your customers!

Make them drool for your baked goods as soon as they walk through the door (or past you in the parking lot... wherever!)

How to Host A Bake Sale

What's Your Cause?

Who are you raising money for?

Make a HUGE poster or sign that announces what your cause is and/or why you are hosting the bake sale.

Who Is Baking?

Round up other club/group members, friends, family and anyone else willing to bake.

Consider offering a prize to the baker with the most product or even to the baker with the most sales at the end of the day!

What Are You Baking or "Not" Baking?

Make a list of your favorite bake sale recipes and designate one (or two!) to each person on your baker list.

Collect Your Supplies

Gather up your baking supplies along with other necessary supplies. Depending on where you are hosting your bake sale, you may need some of the following items:

Extension Cords
Food Labels
Cash Boxes
Change for the bake sale day
Anything else you can think of!
Create Your Menu

Design a menu on your computer, a chalkboard or purchase a printable menu instead. Write down all of the baked goods available. Be sure to include prices!

Post your largest menu near the entry to your sale and/or if you're using a paper menu, hang one on each table.


Place an advertisement in your local newspaper, your local section on Craigslist and any penny saver papers in your area. You might also consider putting up posters on bulletin boards at your schools, local supermarkets, hardware stores and pharmacies.

If you have a local radio station, give them a call, too. Most DJs will gladly share information about fundraisers!

Set Up & Decorate

Today's the day! It's time to set up and decorate your space.

Tip 1: Place your tables in a half circle or U shape, with the opening facing your highest traffic area. This allows for easy traffic flow and also lets your customers see what's happening right away!

Tip 2: Plug a few wax warmers in an outlet nearby. Fill the warmers with wax tarts featuring the scents of baked goods - like apple pie, cinnamon & spice or pumpkin spice. The delicious scents will draw customers attention long before the view.

Tip 3: Use bright colored plates, trays and tiered cake stands to help your treats stand out to passersby.
Sell Your Heart Out!

I hope these tips help you host a bake sale that no one will ever forget!

Vanessa Hamlin is a freelance writer and designer currently writing for a variety of websites. Vanessa owns and operates where she posts about budgeting, meal planning and DIY projects. In addition to writing, Vanessa owns and operates [], her design shop.

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