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We welcome guest posts by bloggers and writers from around the world. Send us an e-mail at info@foodtryst.com with “Proposal for guest post” as your subject line. In the body of your e-mail, please provide a summary of your proposed guest post and two samples of your writing (as attached documents or links to your other work on the web).

We are also looking for regular contributors to the Foodtryst blog who can provide a continually engaging perspective on eating around the world!

Perhaps you’re a gluten free household and can share a weekly perspective on what it’s like to shop, cook and eat for your family? Maybe you’re someone who dines out regularly in your city and can share the unique experiences with our readers? Perhaps you’re cooking your way through a specific cookbook and want to share your experiences and photos with our readers?

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The fine print: A posting on Foodtryst includes a photo, short description of your concept (recipe or article), and a link back to your original post. Foodtryst will always credit your photos, articles and recipes. You are welcome to submit more than one posting, and to return back here in the future to submit new recipes and articles. There is no monetary compensation for becoming a contributor to Foodtryst.  However, contributors receive their own page at Foodtryst with a photo and link to their own sites or blogs, if applicable.