Citrus Press

Squeeze of lemon. Squeeze of lime. Sometimes you just don't want to break out the juicer for a glass of orange juice. Easy to clean, run this utensil under the faucet immediately after use and it's good as new. I had one of these sitting around in my kitchen for years. Whenever a recipe called for the juice of a citrus fruit, I'd cut up a piece of fruit, spend some time fiddling around with it trying to remove the seeds. Next I'd squeeze, promptly getting juice all over everything, and with luck a few drips into my recipe. One day I finally decided to try the citrus press. From that day forward it never leaves my counter. That's how much I use it. It's never even found it's way back into the kitchen drawer, where it happily lived for probably close to a decade. I use it to squeeze lemon into my tea, my water and almost every salad I eat. I love warm water with honey, fresh ginger and lemon, this has made it 100 times easier for me to enjoy this fresh delicious drink!!


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