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9 Amazingly Known Facts About Food

Article by: Bre Hartel
Bre's Blog:
Photo by: Sonja Langford

Honey Never Rots

Honey is one of the few foods that will never spoil. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, honey is a sugar, which means it contains very little moisture. Bacteria cannot grow and survive without a moisture content to live in. Also, honey has a very distinct pH balance between three and four and a half. This makes honey very acidic which will ultimately kill any microorganisms that might want to reside there. The only way honey can ever spoil is if water is added to it or if it is left exposed to moisture. Organisms will then grow, and the honey will go bad.

Apples and Cyanide

Some have wondered if apples contain cyanide. Actually, it is the apple seeds that have very small traces of the poison. Humans are not affected by this because the hard outer layer of the seed protects us from being exposed to the cyanide. Furthermore, if we did chew the seeds we have very little chance of getting sick. The amount of toxin in the seeds is not enough to cause harm, and our digestive system will detoxify whatever has been ingested.

Tomatoes Can Produce Electricity

Turns out scientist, who published their findings in the American Chemical Society (ACS), have found a way to turn tomato waste into electricity because the waste produces methane gas, which was exploited with an electrochemical cell to generate an electric current. Nah, you won't be powering an electric car at this point because they point out that the energy currently produced is only 0.3 watts of electricity.

Chocolate Used as Currency

While many of us would never think to give our chocolate away, chocolate was often used as a form of currency dating as far back as the 16th-century. Latin American Aztec people would trade a few cacao beans for a tamale meal or up to one hundred for a whole turkey to feed the family. During the American Revolutionary War chocolate was given to fighting soldiers to replace wages. Today, we would probably want the money, but back then a very high value was placed on the sweet treat.

Titanium Dioxide in Ranch Dressing

Some companies that produce ranch dressing will add titanium dioxide to the dressing to make it appear a more vibrant white color. Titanium dioxide is also found in sunscreen and paint. While the amount added is quite small, a more healthy choice is probably oil and vinegar based dressings or other dressings made from natural ingredients.

Honey is Bee Vomit and Nectar

You may have heard that honey is produced from bee vomit and nectar. While there is some science that goes into that, it is basically true. A bee will regurgitate the nectar from its stomach into the honey comb. An enzyme in the bee's stomach called glucose oxidase mixes with the nectar as it is dispelled, generating gluconic acid and hydrogen peroxide. The same hydrogen peroxide used to clean wounds. Once the honey is formed in the honey comb, it is now the sweet treat we know and love.

Dynamite & Peanuts Connection

If there were labels for the ingredients of dynamite, peanuts would not be one of them. However, there is a link between dynamite and peanuts. Dynamite is formed from a material called nitroglycerine which is an oily liquid derived from glycerol. In the processing of peanut oil, glycerol can be produced. So glycerol is actually a liquid found in both dynamite and peanuts, thus linking them together.

Canola Oil

Canola oil originated from Canada. Canola comes from the abbreviated form of Canada and ola, which means oil. It happens to be the healthiest vegetable oil in the world and is Canada's only exclusive crop. Canola oil is an excellent source of protein for humans, and it is often fed to farm or dairy bred animals as a healthy meal.

Water Volume Increases When Frozen

Most properties will expand in volume when heated and contract when they are cooled. Water is interesting, in that when water freezes it expands to approximately 10% of its volume. The simple explanation is that when water freezes it crystallizes. This crystallized form takes up more space than the water form causing the volume expansion.

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