10 Fun Easter Treats to Make with your Kids! (or just for you!)

Easter Treats for Kids

Carrot Chocolate Covered Strawberries


Chocolate covered strawberries, dressed as carrots.  In a pudding cup with crushed Oreos, seriously, this is like a dream dessert.  What kid or grown ass adult wouldn't want to find these on Easter morning!  (photo and recipe by lil' luna) 




Easter treats for kids

Bunny Cut-Up Cake

My mom used to make this cake for us, I'm not sure if she made it on Easter, or just liked to randomly make bunny cakes.  But I distinctly remember these bunny cakes.  They are super easy to make, fun to decorate and clearly very memorable!  (photo and recipe by Homan at Home) 



Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Bunny Butt Cookies



What is it about bunny butts!  So darn cute, and apparently super popular around Easter time.  I've seen lots of bunny butt desserts, but this one is by far the easiest.  Plus seriously, so freaking cute!!  (photo and recipe by Kitchen Fun with my Three Sons) 






Easter Treats for Kids

Easter Egg Breakfast Popsicles


Here's a bit more healthy option.  I know this looks like chocolate, but it's not, it's yogurt!   Can be eaten for breakfast or snacks throughout the day.  Just drop in some of your favorite fruits and enjoy!

(photo and recipe by Eats Amazing) 



Easter Chick Cookies



These adorable little beasts are made of cake mix.  Gold Lining Girl even has a few variations in flavor and design to share with you.  This is a super easy recipe and your kiddos with love them!  (photo and recipe by The Gold Lining Girl) 





Lollypop Bunnies


As Debbie mentions in her post on One Little Project, these my not be the best option for a classroom of 25.   But if you only need to make a few of them, this will certainly be a fun find in your childs' Easter basket.    (photo and recipe by One Little Project) 




Treats for Kids

Egg Sprinkler Cookies



These are my favorite.  They are so damn eloquent!  This is a sugar cookie and frosting pairing.  Not one of the simpler options on this list, but certainly one of the prettiest!   (photo and recipe by Sprinkle Bakes) 






Easter Treats for Kids

Bunny Cupcakes


How did we avoid cupcakes on this list!  Honestly there are so many great cupcake ideas it was hard to pick one.  This one was unique and simple.  Plus adorable, so it won it's spot on this list.  (photo and recipe by Two Sisters Crafting) 





Easter Treats for Kids

Rice Krispie Bunny Treats



A fun little twist on the typical rice krispie treats.  The only trick with this one is finding the cute little candy eyes.  There's a link to find these at Amazon in the blog, otherwise you'll need to be creative!  (photo and recipe by Eighteen25) 





Easter Treats for Kids

Bunny Pudding Cups



Another pudding cup.  Sorry, not sorry.  I love pudding cups. I like that a few options have been provided to make these.  You an use coconut, mini marshmallows, small marshmallows and I'm sure there are plenty of other options that can be dreamt up (peanut butter) to create a fun texture and color for this cute little bunny!   (photo and recipe by Love From the Oven) 

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